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Professional Fees

Professional Fees


Eye Examination                                         £29.00
OCT screening (NEW)                                £30.00

Retinal Photography                                  £15.00

Contact Lens Fitting for New Patients    £79.00

 (Includes Full Eye Exam and

 3 aftercare appointments)


Contact Lens Fitting for NHS Patients    £50.00

Contact Lens Consultation                      £64.00

 (Includes Eye Exam)

Contact Lens Consultation

for NHS patients                                             £35.00


Overlay /Colorimeter Price List

(Dyslexia and Colour Filter Assessment)

Sight Test Charges for children (under 16) are usually covered by the NHS

 Overlay Test                                                      £40.00

Special 30 Minute Investigation with overlay assessment

Coloured A4 Overlay sheets                £10.00

Colorimetry Test                                            £50.00

Intuitive Colourimeter equipment to assess the precise combination of colour, hue, saturation and brightness required.

Precision Tint                                       £125.00

In cases of NHS exemption the voucher would cover the costs of the prescription lenses but not the tint of frame.