From March 1st until 31st October 2017
Receive your FREE complimentary second pair of lenses  (Liberty Varifocal or SV or bifocal) with Crizal UV coating when purchasing any progressive lens from the Varilux range with Crizal UV coating OR when you purchase a single vision or bifocal lens with Crizal coatings.


If you want to keep to the premium lenses for the second pair then you will get the second pair at half price.

(As per photo and information on the left)

Healthy Anti Reflection and UV absorbing coatings.

Crizal Forte UV comes with a two year guarantee against scratching.

Crizal Prevencia is also guaranteed for two years and has been developed to also absorb harmful infra red rays emitted from VDU devices.

Crizal Alize UV is similar to the Forte but not quite as tough

Crizal Easy UV is the entry level multi-antireflection coating but also includes the healthy UV absorbing factor.