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Colour Test

 The process required once 'visual stress' has been identified

Procedures and Prices

Dyslexia and Colour Assessment

How to proceed
Step 1
Sight test and overlay appointment. 
(I hour.) If needed a coloured overlay 
will be given to try at home.

Step 2
If you are happy with the result and wish
to have tinted glasses, make an
appointment for a Colorimeter Test.(45min.)

Step 3
Choose a frame which will then be sent to 
Cerium to be glazed with the Precision 
Tinted Lenses. This takes a couple of weeks.

Sight Test (if not NHS)         £ 29.00
Overlay Test
(30 min. investigation)         £ 40.00
A4 coloured overlays           £  10.00
Colorimeter test                  
(lens tint assessment)          £ 50.00
Precision tint                       £125.00
The colorimeter developed for 'Precision Tint'
Coloured light is shone onto text inside the colorimeter. The colour is then changed until  optimum viewing is achieved.
Many tint combinations are used during the assessment.